JXTX Foundation

About the JXTX Foundation

In its early stages, the JXTX Foundation will provide support for graduate students to attend conferences in computational biology and data science, where they can present their work and form connections with other researchers in the field. Towards the goal of advancing mentorship, JXTX will organize and host mentoring sessions between senior and junior faculty members at select high-profile meetings.

Academic Mentorship

The Foundation will later expand its reach as a platform for academic mentorship. First, it will operate to spark mentoring relationships among the larger computational biology and data science community. As part of membership, faculty and students will have an opportunity to participate in periodic mentorship meetings (virtually). We expect an enthusiastic response to this opportunity, and will recruit additional team members to provide organizational structure if necessary.

Student Outreach

In its later stages, the Foundation will sponsor in-person visits from students (high school or college age) to its hotspots, which currently include Johns Hopkins and Penn State. These visits are meant to attract new scholars to computational biology and data science, and in particular to form connections and opportunities for members of underrepresented minorities.

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